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Montros Universe

Who we are?
About our foundations

Balance for the mind and body

Our philosophy

Not tested on animals. 100% Artisan Tradition and Vanguard. Principles of phytotherapy and aromatherapy applied to cosmetics. From nature to your skin and hair. Natural balance. Wellness and Health, Commitment to our Planet

Certified natural cosmetics

Montros Cosmetics, Mediterranean cosmetics, smart beauty, is a 100% natural cosmetics company that was born in 1995 by the hand of its author Martí Monrós. A project inspired by an environment of Mediterranean forest in the region of the Campiña de Guadalajara that arose from the elaboration of cosmetics with products typical of the Mediterranean flora in a purely family environment.

It is from 2013 when the project sees the light at commercial level, for the increasing value of the quality of its products oriented to respond to the constant increase of the conscience and demand of our society towards beauty products and corporal hygiene of natural origin related to aspects and values of sustainability and biocultural.

In Montros Cosmetics we have recovered the traditional recipes incorporating all current knowledge about the medicinal properties of plants (herbal medicine), the essences (aromatherapy), waxes, emulsifiers and other ingredients used combined in an original and creative way to achieve not only a care smart of our skin and hair but also for the improvement of our well-being and health.

Formulations designed to add more active ingredients with greater efficacy in the same product.

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